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 At metanoia believe that personal connection is integral to wellness. With a primary focus on family, metanoia will be home to programming designed guide participants on a wellness journey of their choosing.  Programs that promote community  through relationship with people, animals and nature, metanoia will be a safe, judgement free, trustworthy and responsible place for learning.  Our work will help remove financial barriers to equine and related activities, allowing clients to access the magic and connection that comes from stepping outside our comfort zones.  

The Doyle family are the founders of metanoia. As a family they operate one of the partnership programs, Discovering the Horse.  Through over a decade of teaching, volunteering, and living with horses,  they became witness, first hand to the healing power of equine interactions. 


Their passion is children and they want to create a space where kids, of all ages, can come and unburden from the trial that they face and find partnership, connection and peace through time with horses.  They are building a team, a tapestry of wellness professionals under the Not-for-Profit umbrella, "metanoia".  Here they hope that through collaboration, team work, sponsorship and community metanoia will be accesible to a wide variety of clientelle seeking an equally wide variety programming integrating both equine encounters and non-equine encounters. 

Welcome to metanoia



Pictured from left: Matthew, Bryanne Spencer, Belle and Kevin Doyle

Metanoia Logo.JPG

The meaning of our Logo 

Our logo is unique much like the tapestry of professionals we welcome. 

The sun, the centre of our Universe, represents our power, growth, health, passion and circle of life.  

The golden yellow represents the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) This Chakra is where our self-confidence, identity and personal power are born.  When balanced it leaves us feeling wise, decisive, and powerful from within.  Known as the warrior chakra, many feel that it provides the feeling of a wise warrior heading into battle.


The horse – human connection represents the powerful bonds that can be achieved through connection to community, nature and animals. Connection is the heart of healing, the core of change and the start of the journey.

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