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Board of Directors

Bryanne Doyle 

President and Founder

Having spent over a decade in the Equine Industry this city girl has learned first hand the power that is at the root of the connection between horses and humans.    That connection is a place without judgement, bias and agenda.  So many suffer in silence as we battle trauma, mental illness, depression to touch on the very few.  Crying silent tears on pillows and hiding scars, we put on brave faces and painted on smiles all while wanting to scream on the inside. 


After losing our first born in 1997, I have lived with clinical depression, battled Bulemia, and have faced low self esteem and self worth.  For years I felt that suicide was my way out.    Feeling alone is not new to me, it's  my dream is to create a place that for an hour, a day, a weekend or a lifetime we can find the unconditional love and acceptance that we need to fall and get back up again.  A place where broken is beautiful and cracks are mended with gold.  


metanoia is a place where I get to be who I was built to be, unashamed and never apologizing.  I am a believer...that is my super power because I know, without a doubt that it's what we do, not what we have that matters.  Making a difference, no matter how small. 

When I'm not  horsin around, I spend my time with my family who I'm blessed to share this journey with, I get into shenanigans with a local mounted/walking parade group that I co-organize with Leanne called "The Wildies...Legend of the West" and I dream of ways to make this world a better place. 

Dreams come true...never give up...never settle...

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Kevin Doyle 

Vice President 

The rock of the Doyle family Kevin has spent over 20 years in Oil and Gas as a Negotiator for a large international company.  His ability to see all sides of issues, ideas and programs makes him a huge asset to Metanoia.  Working with varying levels in his company, Kevin has a keen mind and ease as he navigates his corporate life.  He leads teams with calm and steady nature and his effective problem solving will come in very handy as we build and expand the vision of metanoia.  

When not at the office or helping with the family business, Kevin is a published author and avid writer.  His passions also include travel, reading, movies and much more.  A complex man...we often wonder if he really is a super hero...after all we have never seen Batman and Kevin in the same room!

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Melodie McBeath


I was born and raised in Calgary. I am a wife, a mother of three and a grandmother of ten.

I worked in the service and security department of AGT (now Telus) for over ten years before becoming a full time mom. During those informative years of raising children, I volunteered, volunteered, volunteered. I have Early Childhood training and Leadership training from U of C. I started volunteering in schools and then expanded to sports. I have served as Director at the Alzheimers Society of Calgary, Alberta Alpine Ski Association, Alpine Canada World Cup, Chickwagon Foundation for Women and Sacred Path over the last twenty five years. I have delivered Meals on Wheels for over twenty years, taught Sunday School, been an aerobics instructor, and enjoyed travelling all over the world learning about other cultures.  I have a passion for animals (I own a horse), children and their needs, elderly people, travelling, physical and mental fitness, drum circles, riding and just enjoy people and watching them grow in their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world around them.. I am deeply in favour of Paying it Forward where ever and whenever I can.

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Melodie Bio Pic.jpg

Vacant - Treasurer


Leanne Landers

Leanne brings to the board years of volunteering is differing capacities.  She has served on other local not for profits where her efforts assisted in raising nearly $100,000.00 for a local riding school.  She has a keen sense of purpose coupled with a desire for change and helping others.  A gifted artisan her creations are unique and filled with love and passion.  Currently she is working with metanoia to develop a craft series for women.

Born and raised in Calgary she has over 20 years of husbandry under her belt, working at local barns and Riding stables, mucking stalls, feeding or just out kissing horses noses. She is always the happiest with the smell of horses around her.

She keeps busy sewing and creating costumes pieces for a group she and Bryanne co-organize, "The Wildies...Legends of the West"

She loves her family time, snuggles with her dog and cozy up to a bonfire, taking pictures of the land and animals, and sitting under the stars

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Jodi Caskey

Jodi Caskey has been in Calgary for 21 years. She has an extensive background in human services in Parenting, Disabilities, Grief, Trauma, Addiction, Harm Reduction and Mental Health. Jodi is a Therapeutic Yoga instructor and a Reiki Master. She has a passion for animals, hiking, baking, music and dancing. A humanitarian at heart, she is happiest when she’s travelling and meeting people.  Jodi brings compassion and inspiration to the board, she is a force to be reckoned with, sit with her....your life will be forever changed

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Jodi Headshot .jpeg

Nicole Scheck

My intention for sharing my passion and love for the earth, animals and all creatures, the plant life, air and sunlight. My intention is to ignite your own awareness and knowing to find the innate wisdom within you. Without the earth and the sun, and much more..... what would we be? 

Hi my Name is Nicole Scheck, and I would like to be your guide and hand to hold, During your journey of self discovery. 

In my course Connecting with the Earth, your light body and the Herd. Your intention should be focussed on the earth, your surroundings, yourself to your higher self and the beautiful beings that surround you. 

We can move mountains or mole hills both are equally important for the domino effect. 

When focussing and shifting on one thing we have awakenings on others. 

I look forward to our time and your journey. 

Meditating with the herd.

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Nicole - Web photo.jpg

Matthew Doyle - Horse Lead Wrangler/Trainer

Growing up in the horse world Matthew has developed a keen understanding and sense of the horses that we work with.  Our head wrangler and trainer, Matthew is as dedicated to learning about the horse as he is to learning about himself.  Matthew has trained under one of Canada's premier trainers since he was 16 and continues to train people in the area who are looking not only for horsemanship but lifemanship.  When not in the arena, Matthew is an avid hiker and trail rider.  He lends his time to The Wildies...Legends of the West as the head wrangler for this local ladies mounted/walking parade group.

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Spencer Doyle 

Attending Bassett School of Business at Mount Royal University,  Spencer plays a vital role in all aspects of metanoia.  An old hand at helping at the ranch he was quick to step in and be barn manager for one of the Doyle facilities.  Horses bloom under his care and that is shown through his excellence as a horseman.  

Kind hearted and witty Spencer is a delight when volunteering and the kids are often lining up to spend time with him.  His soul comes through with every connection leaving the rider with knowledge and deeper understanding of the horse.  

He has an electric laugh and is the comic relief we need when things get tough.  

When not working at the ranches or at a local grocery store, Spencer is often with friends, spending time with family and preparing for his future

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Youth Liaison

Belle Doyle  

Belle has grown up surrounded by horses.  She was riding since she could walk taking to the trails with her mum seated in her ride behind.  Belle is an electric soul who is the driving force behind many programs.  Her passion for building a place where everyone is loved and equal is almost as bright as her love and compassion for people around her.  

Always with a smile on her face she has grace and poise as she leads countless little ones around on horseback.  Vital to the program, when she isn't volunteering, she is dancing, reading a book, riding her horse Santan or is surrounded by her adoring cats.  

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