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This amazing 2007 Clydesdale rolled into our path as a 3 year old not knowing much more than his humans.  Proof that green on green make black and blue the journey to where he  is now was not entirely smooth sailing.  

Heartly teaches us that good things come to those who wait.  He also shows that hard work and patience pay off.  When he was a youngster he was started in and very well meaning but uneducated way.  Realizing soon that his size meant that he could have a rather large say on his life meant that he would buck and roll to be heard.  A dangerous combination when paired with humans who couldn't speak his language, we almost gave up on him.  

After finding our way through the mud, he has now become a solid, brave and eager partner to his human and to the smallest riders that come to learn.  Taking his job very seriously, Heartly is a true gentle giant that holds space for whose struggling with patience, direction and sense of self.  

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