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Just arriving at DH in July of 2021, much is to be learned about this gentle soul.  Born in approx. 2001, his age is not really known, but his body is telling us he is close to 20.  DH staff is giving him the best care we can as it would seem that his weight is going to be a big concern going into winter, so he is on the DH golden plan getting mash food twice daily and regular trips to the vet.  

Atlas named for his markings was placed into strict quaratine and given some TLC for wounds to his face and feet.  Isolation did not sit well for this beautiful boy who right away showed DH staff and owners that he craved human attention.  

Always wanting to get it right, Atlas is a kind smart horse that is always trying.  Head shy they are using treats and scratches to earn his trust and it's paying off.  He is quickly becoming a go to guy and is already stolen the hearts of many riders.

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