They came to us as a trio, Frodo Rohan and Sam...they were the first horses bought by DTH for these programs.  They very quickly found their way deep into the heat of the program.  

Frodo is the leader of the trio.  A 2000 draft cross he is a big sweet guy that is noble, stoic and proud.  He shows little emotion and struggles to let humans in.  He wants to be known and respected for what he knows and he knows how to carry riders from all walks of life.  Our work with him is to break through his barriers.  We are teaching him that it's ok to let down his walls and soften his guard.  

Riders who struggle with being in control, holding in emotion and having barriers themselves are his perfect match.  When together there seems to be a quiet conversation of "are you alright?  "yep"..."ok then I feel alright too"...its a pure magic that leaves us breathless when both horse and rider are brave enough to remove their armour.

***Photo shows the trio upon arrival...we love their tight bond...Frodo is the grey (white), Rohan is the gruella and Sam the chestnut (RIP Sam)***

Trio 2.jpg
trio 1.jpg