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Rohan came as a trio...he was the only one that DH was actually going to buy...until they saw the other two.  2002 Fjord Cross he is a solid sturdy guy that despite his age, he is still willing to try, trust and love. 

Being an ex-trail horse he never misses a step, he often forgets that there are humans on the ground...nicknamed the bulldozer, he can be just that.  Rohan is starting to allow himself to see the beauty of connection with humans.  He has an almost impish zest for life and slowly he's showing us that he secretly loves to play.  It reminds us of that know the one...

He teaches his riders that there is a time for serious and there is a time to have fun.  Hard work pays off and yes it's ok to laugh when things are hard.  One kiss on his giant soft nose and you will be head over heels for this big amazing love of a horse

We bid a too early farewell to Sam and Frodo...pictured here with Rohan...age is tough and old horses can come for too short a time...but they leave forever hoof prints on our hearts

Trio 2.jpg
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