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The programs first Welsh Cross, DH found "Prince" at another riding program.  DH would like to acknowledge the Browns from Drumbeats Therapy Barn.  This was an up and coming therapy riding facility that was closed suddenly in 2021 after the passing of Mrs. Brown.  An unbelievable loss, Mr. Brown, Stu, had the impossible task of closing down a dream while mourning the loss of his wife.  

DH posted an ad on social media looking for steady and reliable horses and Drumbeats reached out.  DH is so honoured to have brought "Prince" and his pal "Boog" home to continue the Brown's dream and have these amazing new horses in the lesson line up.


"Prince" brings his unique situation to DH, being totally blind in his right eye, DH is looking forward to all that he can teach.  Note to Sponsors, at this time "Prince" is looking standard sponsorship as we don't know his medical needs, if any.   

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