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When you say his name you have to say it like Margot Robbie in the movies.  "Mista Jay" gets his name because he fell madly in love with Harley from across the fence.  Given that DH had many names ending in "O", we happily shortened his name to simply J.  But it would seem that the star crossed lovers would inspire us to call him Mr. not only because most of the Doyle family loves superheros but because we had to admit it was too cute not to! 

Coming to us in June 2020 Mr. J is a solid sweet guy that is slow and steady.  Sure footed and present he is quick to let his rider know when he isn't confident and chooses to find a human for support.  His riders need to know that this 2003 cadillac model on needs clear, soft approach which matches his soft personality.  

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