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Making his way into life in 1999, Stryder was a gift that was 2 years in the making.  A stoic guy, he lived his early life in competition and then for a decade under the watchful, careful eye of a local high end barn.  Abandoned by his people the barn owners stood in as foster family but for some this is not enough.  

Stryder was shut down when we met.  Only allowing humans to scratch where he felt safe, his hind quarters.  Slowly over the course of years he would choose his human and a new lofe would be opened up.  Stryder would take to the trails, have kids surrounding him and with this new life a new purpose emerged.  

Stryder teaches that it's never too late.  He knows first hand that dreams come true and that where you are now is not where you will be.  His strength gives riders hope to wait for the new day, he will lend it out for those who need space to breath.  

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