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Child, youth and family 

Equine/Riding Programs

Welcome to your Equine Journey...

It all begins with a click...please note that due to COVID-19 ALL programs are on hold until we are able to provide the attention that is required for the nature of our programs.  We thank you for your patience..


Connective Riding

Currently running under Discovering the Horse, this program is designed to teach riders the "Whole Horse" 

Riders learn care, feeding, biomechanics along with the aspects of space, energy, pressure and mind.  

metanoia will be offering this program in partnership with Discovering the Horse

Programs run September to June following the Rockyview School Calendar.  Please click below for details


Summer Camps 

Open to all level of rider and all age of participants.  Our summer camps are a balance of equine wellness, arts and crafts, horsemanship and riding.  Participants are taught the "whole horse" and learn to care for their well being while learning about themselves.  

metanoia will be offering this progam in partnership with Discovering the Horse.  They offer full and half day camps, with 1st aid certified Sidekicks and facilitators, and memories to last a below for information on regular programs as well as their new FULL DAY summer camp coming in 2022

Rodeo Clown.jpg

Rodeo Clowning Around

This exciting program is currently on hold due to COVID-19...we are excited to bring this unique concept to metanoia through Discovering the Horse


Taught by TBA, participants will learn the ins and outs of being a Rodeo Clown.  Learn how to dress, make-up and how to duck, dodge and distract our "bulls"  The goal of this program is to teach self awareness, confidence and communication skills.  

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Inviting riders to participate in a good old camp out with thier horses.  Aimed at riders 10 and up, guests will ride, enjoy a campfire, help with the nightly and daily care of a small herd of horses capping it all off with a traditional pancake breakfast.


Coming Soon

Cowboy Challenge Series 


Coming Soon

Family & Team Fun Days

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