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It all begins with a click...please note that due to COVID-19 many programs are on hold until we are able to provide the attention that is required for the nature of our programs.  We thank you for your patience

Connective Riding

Currently running under Discovering the Horse, this program is designed to teach riders the "Whole Horse" 

Riders learn care, feeding, biomechanics along with the aspects of space, energy, pressure and mind.  

metanoia will be offering this program in partnership with Discovering the Horse

Summer Camps 

Open to all level of rider and all age of participants.  Our summer camps are a balance of equine wellness, arts and crafts, horsemanship and riding.  Participants are taught the "whole horse" and learn to care for their well being while learning about themselves.  

We offer full and half day camps, with 1st aid certified Sidekicks and facilitators, nutritious snacks and memories to last a lifetime

Donkey Talk

This unique program will be offered soon.  We are designing a safe place for clients to share and heal from trauma through the connection to a mini donkey.  Donkeys are sensitive, intelligent and loving creatures that are affectionate and nurturing to the humans around them.  We are working with local mental health professionals to offer a safe program that will help clients trust, love and heal.    

Coming Soon

Cowboy Challenge Series 

Rodeo Clowning Around

Taught by INSERT NAME, participants will learn the ins and outs of being a Rodeo Clown.  Learn how to dress, make-up and how to duck, dodge and distract our "bulls"  The goal of this program is to teach self awareness, confidence and communication skills.  

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Discovery Series

This series takes riders through 4 aspects of life skills that we have adapted to our program over a decade of learning.  Offered in partnership with Discovering the Horse riders learn how to mange, understand and identify the aspects of Energy, Space, Pressure, Mind and how understanding this leads us to peace.  

Coming Soon

Arena Sport Series 


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