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Wish List 

The Classroom

Built to match the current lesson shed,  this building is 12X32, will be insulated and will have a fire stove for heat in the winter.   Already in place due to the dire need to have an indoor space, its focus will be gathering spot for special groups, learning, courses and meetings. This adaptable space means metanoia will be able to continue to host our current Connections Through Childloss program and allow expansion aspects of Connective Riding.

Cost $13,000.00

The Bunkhouse 

Built to match the current lesson shed and The Classroom, this building is 12X24, and is our indoor kids camp space, and safe space for the incredibly unique "Ride and Shine Program" kicking off in summer 2022 at DH.   


A safe and dry space for kids to do crafts when weather is unfavourable, when not in use it will serve as a much needed storage shed for summer camp supplies.  

Cost $12,000.00

Kubota Side by Side Utility Vehicle

To be bought and donated to Discovering the Horse, they are in HUGE need of a multi-use, small utility vehicle to attend to all equine related, health chores and maintaince of the property.  Uses will be for feeding, health care, blanketing, pen cleaning, harrowing and repairs 

Approximate cost is $25,000.00

Side by Side.jpg


Although majority of equine programming will be through ground work and connection, Discovering the Horse's Connective Riding is the program that metanoia will be promoting to the Foster Family community in Calgary.  The program teaches riders to "earn" the saddle and work towards riding with awareness in the saddle.  Saddles vary in size, fit and function so they need help to get a diverse inventory for a diverse clientele.  

Approximate cost per saddle $500.00 to $1500.00

Various Ranch Items

Helping to ease the cost of housing the horses we have access to is part of the core of our equine sponsorship.  Discovering the Horse is in need of support for fencing, gates, stable supplies, helmets and tack.    

Donations to the ranch are glady accepted for gently used and items in good repair.  

Please make arrangements for droping items directly through Bryanne by calling 403-542-4038

Approximate cost varies for new items $30.00 to $1000.00

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